In-Store Email

Selecting the Messaging function from the System menu allows administrators to send and receive intra-system Email.  Please note that this is not Internet Email, this is a convenient way for owners and mangers to communicate with employees and vice-versa.  When an employee clocks in, any email that they have will be available for viewing and reply.


The top window will display the Email folder you are currently viewing. To change folders you can select from the "Inbox", Drafts", "Sent", or "Trash" folders on the left hand side. The bottons at the bootom of the screen will allow you to Delete, Select All, or Mark messages Unread.


To create a new email, select the "Compose" button. A new window will appear with the following fields:



This field determines which employees receive the email.  You may choose all employees, only the members of a certain Job Class, or an individual employee.



This field tells the recipient who the email was sent by.  The system automatically enters the name of the employee composing the email (the User Name as configured in Passwords), but it may be changed manually.



The subject line is the title on the email and as such, the first thing the recipient will see.  Simply type an applicable title here.



Type the body of the email in this box.



When the email is finished, press Send to send the email to the specified recipients.



This option resets all fields of the email back to default, with the exception of the From field.



This option allows you to save the email in the drafts folder without sending it.