The Driver tab of the Location Maintenance is where you'll specify specific information relating to driver reimbursement as well as a few miscellaneous options.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Driver Reimbursement by

Select the appropriate reimbursement option from this drop-down selection list.  Based on which option you choose, the 'Reimbursement Rate(s)' section toggle to the appropriate criteria.  For more information about the various reimbursement types, click here.


Personal Bank

If your drivers use personal cash banks, enter the dollar amount given them in this field.  This field also controls personal banks for table servers.


Default Company Car

If you provide a company car for your delivery drivers, check this option.  This is primarily for reporting purposes.


Check Ins. Exp. Date

If selected, the employee's insurance expiration date will be checked each time an order is routed to the employee.  This expiration date is defined in the Employee File.  If the driver's insurance is expired they will be unable to have any orders routed to them.


Force Odometer Miles

This option, when checked, will force the input of a driver's starting and ending odometer readings.  This is used for reimbursement by miles.


Reimbursement Rates:



Select this option to create a new Reimbursement Rate entry field.  Multiple rates can be added to allow for different reimbursement tiers.  For example, if using Per Mile reimbursement, you could set the first 50 miles to 10 cents and any milage beyond that to 15 cents.



Select a Reimbursement Rate entry field to remove and choose this option.