Driver Routing

The Driver Routing screen is used primarily in a delivery store to track all delivery orders and allow accurate accounting as to which driver took which order.




There are two ways of assigning, or routing, orders to a specific driver:

  1. On the far right-hand side of this screen, a driver summary bar is displayed.  All employees that are currently clocked-in with a job class of 'Driver' are listed on this bar.  To assign an order to a specific driver, simply press the appropriate button on this bar and press each order that is being assigned.  Once that is done, you must now press the 'Save' button which will appear across the bottom of the screen.  The driver's out time will then be displayed on their specific button and their status will be displayed as 'OUT'.

  2. Conversely, the 'Driver' button along the bottom of this screen may also be used.  When pressed, the system will prompt the user for the driver's crew ID number.  At that point, simply press the order(s) being assigned.  Again, you must press the 'Save' button for the orders to be routed.



This option will display the status of each driver that is currently out on a run.  The crew ID number, address, and trip times will be displayed.


Check In

When a driver returns from a delivery, choose this option to check the driver back into the system.  Drivers may also check in by touching their name again.



This option allows you to reassign an order that's already been routed to a different employee.