In this section, you'll define which devices perform which functions.  Any device that is set up in the system may be used for a number of functions based on what type of device is being used.

Note: This is an advanced area of the PrISM system, and should only be modified under the direction of Microworks Tech Support.  Any unnecessary modifications in this area can result in system failure.


Add Device

Choose this option to create a new device function for this station.  See below for more information on adding a device.


Delete Device

Choose a device to remove from this station and select this option.


Note: When attempting to delete a device from Station Setup, be sure to use the "Delete Device" button.  The "Delete" button on the bottom bar will not delete the device, it will delete the entire station record.



This field lists the device name as defined in the Printer Setup area.



This field lists the device's functionality.  See below for more information on setting the device function.


Add Device Screen

Station Name

This simply displays the name of the station that you are currently working with.


Device Name

Choose the appropriate device from this drop-down selection list.


Device Function

Choose the appropriate functionality of the device selected.  Based on the function chosen, additional options will become available and required in some cases.  The available function options are as follows:


After the device type has been selected, additional configuration options appear in the space below the Type field.  All possible options will be explained here; however not all options will be available depending on which device type is being configured and certain system settings.

Order Type

A device can be used to perform its respective function based on a specific order type.  If applicable, choose the order type from this drop-down selection list.  The default setting is 'All'.


Printer Path

This allows you to set a different printer path for the device than the one configured in Printer Setup.  This should be left blank unless specified otherwise by Microworks Tech Support.



Set the number of times you would like the printer to beep when a print is set to it.  To use this setting, your printer must have a Printer Speaker Module attached; contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Kitchen Number

This tells the device which items it should print.  See Menu Items for more information about kitchen numbers.


Print Buyer's Club / Print Comeback

These options only appear if their corresponding modules are active in the system.  This will cause the coupon messages to print at the foot of the print, "piggybacking" the messages onto an existing print rather than creating a whole new print.



This option prints a section at the top of the print with the order type and timed order information (if applicable).


No Cash Print

This option is only available for Master-type devices.  If this option is enabled, the station will not print cash receipts when an order is settled, even if the order taker requests one.  Cash receipts can still be reprinted by opening the order in question and choosing Options => Cash Print.


Emphasize Totals

This causes the grand total of multiple-check orders to appear in bold.


No Print with Blaster

This prevents the device from printing if a blaster label is already being printed for the order.


Ingredient Explosion

This lists each item's included ingredients on the print.



This option causes the printer to cut in between each item sent to it, creating a separate slip for each item printed.


Show Positions

This causes the device to divide the print into sections based on the seating positions set by the order taker.  For more information about table positions, contact Microworks Tech Support.



Each time this device prints it will print the number of times specified here.  The default value is 1.



The header contains the store information.  You may choose to display it at the top of the print, the bottom, or both.



You may specify when this device is used based on a specific Printing Level.  By default, this field is blank and is assumed to be used at all times.  If you are using Printing Levels, select the appropriate level from the drop-down selection box.


Always Use

Selecting this option will designate that this device function is to be used at all times.  Typically, this option would be considered when Printing Levels are being used.  With this option selected, regardless of the current Printing Level, this devices will always perform its function.


Timed Order Section


This section controls how the device will react to timed orders (orders that are placed for a future date or time).


Print initial timed order

This will cause the device to print immediately when a timed order is placed.


Print when due

This causes the device to print at the specified Make Time.  See the Printing tab of Order Type Setup for more information about make times.


Time orders only

This will cause the device to only print timed orders, and disregard non-timed orders.