Delivery Charges


The Delivery Charges tab of the Location Maintenance is where you'll define a variety of delivery charge related variables.  Changes in this information will be reflected the next time the Ordering Module is loaded.


Delivery Charge Label

This is how the delivery charge appears on the cash receipt


Default Delivery Charge

A flat delivery charge can be assessed on each delivery order. Conversely, specific streets and/or sectors can have separate delivery charges as well. For more information, see Update Streets.


Delivery Charge Tax Type

Select this option if your delivery charges are taxable. Check your state and local laws to determine if delivery charges are taxable in your area.


Per Sector Delivery Charge

If you are using per sector delivery charges or street-specific delivery charges, this option must be enabled.  If this is not enabled, the Default Delivery Charge will be used for all delivery orders.


Variable Delivery Charges

A variable delivery charge can be used to charge different amounts based on the amount of the order.  For example:  Orders totaling between $0.00 and $4.99 could have a delivery charge of $1.50, while orders of $5.00 or more could be free.