Daily Paperwork

The Daily Paperwork screen automatically calculates all sales, labor, and tender transactions.  This screen allows the user to input Cash-Paid-Out (CPO) values to balance the store's money for the day.  Miscellaneous money received fields are also provided to account for extra tender amounts above and beyond daily sales figures.  Bank deposits should also be entered on this screen.


Note: The Daily Paperwork screen must be processed, or viewed, and figures entered where appropriate before printing the Daily Paperwork Report.  The report pulls these figures into an easy-to-read format for your hard copy records.



This tab provides a summary of the day's various transactions and overall labor figures.  While most of the fields on this screen are automatically calculated from other areas of the Manager Module, you are able to manually adjust the dollar amount of food wasted.  The rest of the fields in this screen remain static, or unable to be changed.


Paid Out

This tab allows you to enter a variety of CPO (Cash Paid Out) values throughout the day.  These values will carry over to the Totals screen and will also reflect on the Daily Paperwork Report.  Some CPO entries (such as 'Tips Paid Out' and 'Reimbursement Paid to Drivers') appear automatically and cannot be removed.  CPO entries can also be added through the 'Change Till' section of the Ordering Module.  For more detailed information about adding a new CPO, click here.



This tab allows you to enter in any money that was received into the store unrelated to any sales or orders, such as a bounced check fee.  An example of this would be when a customer makes a payment on their store account.  Money Received (MR) entries can also be added through the 'Change Till' section of the Ordering Module.  For detailed information about adding a new MR, click here.



This tab allows you to account for the physical money you've received after balancing the tills and any drivers or employees that use a personal bank. This is assumed to be your "bank deposit" for the day. This can be entered as one lump sum or broken out in any logical fashion. Similar to the earlier tabs, some of the field names on this tab can be changed in Location Maintenance.


Note: It is highly recommended that you record your daily deposits in this screen to effectively calculate daily cash over/short statistics. The Daily Paperwork Report uses deposit figures to calculate cash variances.