Customer Interface


When the web ordering module is set up and activated, Microworks Tech Support will provide a link to the secure web ordering site for your store.  Once this link is attached to your company's website, your customers will be able to navigate to the web ordering page and place orders.


When a customer first arrives at the web ordering site, they will be given three options: to create a new account, to log in if they have previously created an account, or to log in as a guest.



New Account Creation


In order to place a web order, customers must set up an account.  This account keeps track of addresses for delivery, which franchise locations are nearest to the customer (if multiple locations exist), and any "favorite" orders the customer configures.  New accounts can be created via the "Sign Up Now!" button on the initial web ordering page.  If the customer logs in as a 'guest', he or she will be prompted to log in or create an account when attempting to place their order.


After choosing to create a new account, the customer will be prompted to enter their address.  The address information entered here is verified against Google Maps.  The customer will see a popup box containing the best matches that Google Maps finds and has the option to select one of them, or use the information they entered originally without modification.


Once the customer chooses an address, they are brought to the store selection page.  All franchise locations within a certain radius of the customer's address will be listed.  The radius may be changed at the top of the page.  Each location will display the distance from the customer's address as well as whether or not it will deliver to the customer's address, depending on the store's delivery area.


Once the store has been selected, the customer will be brought to the registration page.  Here the customer is asked to fill out their personal information, such as name, phone number, and email address.  The customer may choose to opt in or out of order notifications and promotional emails on this page.  Toward the bottom of the page is a drop-down box labeled "Confirm Street for Delivery".  The customer should ensure that the correct street is listed in this section to ensure proper delivery.  Directly underneath this drop-down box is a text field labeled "Services Available".  If the customer's address is valid for delivery, the field will say "Delivery and Pickup".  If the address is unrecognized or outside the store's delivery area, the field will say "Pickup Only".


Pressing "Next" will bring the customer to their "My Account" page.  The customer can return to this page at any time by choosing "My Account" at the top of the ordering menu page.  This page shows all addresses the customer has configured on the account (Home, Work, etc.), as well as 'favorite' orders, recent orders, the location they are currently set to order from, and their account information.  Pressing the "Order Now" button at the bottom of the page will bring the customer to the main ordering menu.



"My Order" (Main Ordering Menu)


On this page, the customer can browse your menu and begin to craft their order.  The various groups configured in your menu are displayed in a column on the left-hand side of the page, while the items contained in the currently select group are visible in the center.  Pressing the "Select Item" button below a menu item will add the item to their order.  Depending on the item, it may simply add the item to the order, or it may prompt the customer to specify additional customization details (toppings, sauces, etc.).  The first item the customer adds to the order may ask the customer if they would like it for delivery or pickup.  Subsequent items will not ask.


When the customer has finished creating their order, they click the "Checkout" button in the right-hand panel of the screen.  This opens the checkout screen.  The customer can change the order type (delivery or pickup), schedule the order for a later date or time (if the store allows it), apply any coupons or discount codes, and select their payment type.  If they wish to pay with a credit card, they enter the card information here.  


When the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen is clicked, the customer is brought to the final order confirmation screen.  Here they look over their order's items, time, type, and payment details.  If everything is correct, clicking "Place Order Now" will send the order to the store.  If the customer chose to pay with a credit card, the card will be authorized at this point.  If the card does not process successfully the order is not sent to the store.  When the order is sent, the customer sees a screen thanking them for their order, and a confirmation email is sent to their email address.  The customer is given an option to save the order as a 'favorite'.  Saving the order as a 'favorite' allows the customer to easily order the same items again at a later date.