Schedule - Shifts Tab

Once you have selected the respective options for creating a new schedule, you will then be taken to the scheduling screen itself.  In this section, you'll be able to define which employees work at what times and as what Job Class.




This will list each employee that has been scheduled to work for the date selected in the Shift View section - see below.


Job Type

This field details the scheduled employee's job type.



This is the time that the employee is scheduled to start work for the day.



This is the time that the employee is scheduled to end work for the day.



This is simply the number of hours scheduled during the shift, calculated from the Start and End times.


Shift Pay $

This calculates the employee's gross pay for the shift.  This column can be hidden by Microworks Tech Support if you do not want the person making the schedule to know how much other employees are making.



In this section, you'll choose which volume measure that you'd like to view for the selected date.  Any Forecast Indicators previously configured will appear here.  The number of weeks used for the forecast can be configured by Microworks Tech Support.


This area provides a quick view of all employees within the system and can be sorted three different ways based on your needs for scheduling.


This column shows the number of hours each employee is scheduled for on the day in question.



This column shows the number of hours each employee has been scheduled for on earlier days of the week.


Shift View

This section allows you to filter the information displayed Employee (see above) and Shift Map (see below) sections.  Based on the selected filter criteria, employee information will be sorted to meet your needs.  Your filtering options are as follows:

Add Shift

Choosing this option will allow you to schedule an employee to work on this specific date.  You will be able to choose the Job Class, Start Time, and End Time for the employee.


Remove Shift

Highlight an employee shift entry to remove and choose this option.


Clear Day

This option will remove all employees scheduled to work on the specified date.



This option will exit the shift scheduling screen.