In order to send a Scheduled Report to an email address, the address must first be configured here in the Contacts section.  If you wish to send a report as a cellular text message, the phone number's email address must be configured here as well.


Note: Most cellular service providers provide their customers with an email address which corresponds to the cellular phone's text message account.  Email sent to that address will appear on the cellular phone as text messages.  For assistance finding the email address associated with a cellular account, contact Microworks Tech Support.


When Contacts is opened, the initial window displays a list of all currently configured contacts.  To create a new contact, click New.  To edit an existing contact, click the contact in question to highlight it, then click Select.


The actual setup of a contact consists of two fields:


Contact Name - This is simply a label to identify the contact in other sections of the system.  Enter a descriptive name that will allow you to identify the contact easily.


Contact E-Mail - Enter the email address for the contact here.