Configuring QuickBooks Pro 2002

If you have a single store location and selected the QuickBooks industry type of "Restaurant" when running the New Company Setup Wizard in QuickBooks, your setup should be minimal.  However, if you are using custom General Ledger accounts or have multiple store locations, you should consider having your QuickBooks company data configured for you by Microworks Technical Support. Please contact Microworks Sales for alternative configuration information.


QuickBooks requires that any naming conventions used between PrISM and QuickBooks be exact, although names are not case sensitive.  For instance, the Vendors names setup by the Vendor List in the PrISM Manager's Module must exactly match the vendor names used in QuickBooks.




When a QuickBooks Invoice is created in PrISM, QIM will transfer that invoice to QuickBooks as a Bill and will create an appropriate vendor balance for later payment.



QIM creates a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks for each day's sales activity.  Since QuickBooks requires a customer to be tagged to each sales receipt, a QuickBooks customer must be created for each store location interfaced.  The name of this customer must match the QuickBooks customer name specified on the PrISM Setup QuickBooks Interface screen.  Customers that place PrISM orders on account must also be created in the QuickBooks customer list.  If multiple store locations are used, a Class must also be created in QuickBooks for each store location and must match the name specified on the PrISM QuickBooks setup screen.