Comeback Coupons

This option is available on the Ordering menu when selected in Location Maintenance.  The Comeback Coupon feature is designed to offer coupons to delivery customers providing incentives for repeat business.  As part of the PrISM system's ability to track customer ordering history, Comeback Coupons can be created to target specific customers based on the frequency, or infrequency, of their ordering habits.

Note: For each Comeback Coupon offer created, a corresponding coupon must be created in the Advertised Coupon section. This coupon is what is actually applied to the customer order when applicable.


Comeback Coupons are designed to print on thermal receipt printers.  For more detailed information on the Comeback Coupon feature, please contact Microworks Technical Support.




Highlighting and selecting a coupon opens the Update Coupon screen.



This button will close the Comeback Coupon list.



Choose Add to create a new Comeback Coupon.



Highlight a coupon to remove and choose Delete.





This is the name assigned to the coupon.


Comeback Coupon Type

You may choose between Simple or Advanced types of comeback coupons. For more detailed information, please contact Microworks Technical Support.


Days Since Last Order

Enter the appropriate number of days since a customer previously ordered as it applies to this specific coupon.  For example, if you wish to create a coupon for customers who have never ordered, this value would be set to zero.  As such, the Comeback Coupon will print out with their first order.


Days Before Expiration

You may set the amount of days until the expiration of this coupon.  Based on the date when the coupon is issued, the system will read this value and calculate the appropriate expiration date for the coupon.


Comeback Coupon Percentage

This field allows you to set a percentage off for the comeback coupon.


Expiration Message

Enter a brief expiration message in this field.


Comeback Label

Enter the message to be displayed on the Comeback Coupon in this section.