Change Data Directory

This option allows the user to download and view a copy of a specific store's data.  This data is retrieved from the StoreNet Server and typically only contains data from the last 90 days.



Key #

This is the software key serial number of the store.  Each PrISM system has a unique key and key number.



This is simply the store number configured for the location.



This is the name configured for the location.



This is the specific version of PrISM that the store is currently using.


Menu Upd.

This is the last date on which the store received a menu update from the StoreNet Server.


Data Upload

This is the last date on which the store uploaded new data to the StoreNet Server.


Last Day

This is the PrISM date of the most recent data the store has uploaded to the StoreNet Server.


Last Local

This is the PrISM date of the data most recently pulled down from the StoreNet Server onto the user's local computer.




This option sets the PrISM data of the local machine to the most recent dataset retrieved from the highlighted store.  If no data from this store exists locally, the user will receive a "Data Unavailable" message.  Ensure that the Last Local field for the highlighted store is populated before Selecting the store to prevent this.


Get Store

This option downloads the most recent dataset for the highlighted store from the StoreNet Server.


Get All

This downloads the most recent datasets for every store in the franchise from the StoreNet Server.  Depending on the number of stores in the franchise, this can be a long process.


Open Folder

This opens a folder browser, allowing the user to select a dataset to edit from their local computer.



This exits the Change Data Directory screen.