Cash Drop

In many cases, a driver or server may be carrying more money on their person than you would prefer. The Cash Drop option allows you to take any amount of money from the employee, place it in a secure location, and reflect that action as a credit to the employee's cash responsibilities.  For example, if an employee was carrying $100 and you performed a Cash Drop for $50, you would take $50 from the employee and set it aside.  At the end of their shift, the employee would only be responsible for turning in the other $50, and the Cash Drop would be reflected in the Employee List.


Cash drops can be made from the Ordering Module as well, using the Cash Drop button on the main menu.


Cash drops can also be made to a physical cash drawer on the PrISM system.  At that point, the till totals will reflect receiving cash drops when balancing the till.  The ability to make cash drops to a till on the PrISM system is optional; please contact Microworks Technical Support for more details on enabling this option.