Buyer's Club Setup

This option is available on the Ordering menu when selected in Location Maintenance.  The Buyer's Club is based on a point system, where point values can be set up based on order ticket totals.  In turn, points can be awarded to customers each time they order if they meet your minimum order value requirements. The customer can then use these points in the form of redeemable coupons, which you'll define, for future use. These coupons are covered below.

Note: For each Buyer's Club coupon offer created, a corresponding coupon must be created in the Advertised Coupon section and it must have a point value assigned. This coupon is what is actually applied to the customer order when applicable.  The messages configured in the Buyer's Club Setup are only used to alert the customer that they have a coupon available to use.


Buyer's Club coupons are designed to print on receipt-style printers. They can print either at the bottom of the customer's receipt or as a separate ticket entirely.  For more detailed information on the Buyer's Club feature, please contact Microworks Technical Support.


Coupon Messages


Highlighting and selecting a coupon opens the Update Buyer's Club screen.



This button will close the Buyer's Club Coupon list.



Choose Add to create a Buyer's Club coupon.



Highlight a coupon to remove and choose Delete.






This is the name of the Buyer's Club coupon.


Club Points

This is the number of points required for this coupon to be issued.


Buyer's Club Ticket

You may enter any message applicable to this coupon's offer.  General text options are listed below this area.