Marketing Overview

Selecting Marketing opens the Customer Filter screen which is where all filtering of customer information is made for the use of direct marketing.  Customer data may also be edited from this section.  Simply double-click on the customer record of which you'd like to edit, any necessary changes can be made from here.  For more information about editing customer info, click here.


This area provides multiple filtering options as well.  The information below the links will define the options for the Standard tab.  Select from the following links for more information on additional filtering options.



This tab provides filtering based on specific field values.


When all of your filtering options are selected, choose this option to begin your customer search.  Every time a filter is changed, simply choose this option again to refine your current look-up.



This option resets all filtering options, which includes those options manually loaded.



Once you have your filtering options set to your liking, you may save those options for future filtering.  (See Save below.)  You may then choose this option to load any pre-saved filtering options.  The current filter is displayed in the title bar of this screen as detailed in the graphic above.



Choose this option to save your current filtering options to a file which may be loaded for future filtering.  (See Load above.)



Choose this option to print a report of the selected customers.



You may also export the selected customers into a variety of data formats.  These formats are commonly used by mailing houses.  If you plan on creating a large mass-mailing, it is recommended that you export the necessary customer data and provide that data to a mailing house that specializes is mass-mailings.  It is also recommended that you choose an export format that is accepted by the selected mailing house.





This option exits the Customer Filter screen.