Integrated Credit Card Authorization - PCCharge

PrISM for Windows supports the integration of optional credit card authorization software.  PCCharge is currently the authorization software package chosen for integration with the PrISM system.  It allows for both traditional dial-up as well as broadband Internet-based authorizations.  As this authorization package is an optional PrISM system add-on, the functional menu options only appear in the Manager's Module when this feature has been integrated.


This application must also be configured to function properly.  If you have added this feature to your PrISM system, you will need to speak to Microworks Tech Support regarding software setup prior to using the feature.  We will require information pertaining to your primary credit card processing company and other miscellaneous information.


Within PrISM, the credit card authorization software package has a customized system menu based on the software's functionality.  The following options are available from the PCCharge drop-down menu:

Closing the PCCharge Batch

At the end of the business day, it is necessary to finalize all transactions that have been processed through the PCCharge application.  When a charge is made in PrISM, the amount of the sale is simply authorized; in other words, the application only validates that the customer has the available credit for the sale.  The actual transaction is not completed until the batch of validations are processed.  At that time, the sale amount is charged to the credit card.


While most of the options in the PCCharge menu are available to run at any time of the day, the Close Day option must be the last process.  To properly close the batch, follow these steps:

  1. Print the PrISM Charge Report.

  2. Print the Credit Card Summary.

  3. Choose Close Day.

Prior to closing the PCCharge batch, you should review the paperwork you've printed.  The Totals on the PrISM Charge Report and Credit Card Summary should match.  If they do no, do not close the batch, do not run End of Day, and call Microworks Tech Support.  Once you have closed the batch, the Transaction List will only be available for review from within the PCCharge application's history reports section.