Assembly Item Setup

Assembly Items are those inventory items which are created by combining other inventory items, such as sauce or dough.  In this section, you'll define what items are used to create your assembled item.


Note: Assembly Items must be designated as such within the Inventory Master before proceeding.



This will add a new inventory item entry field allowing you to specify the items used to make up this batch.



Highlighting an individual inventory item entry line and choosing this option will remove the respective item from this batch setup only.


Inventory Item

Select an inventory item used in this batch from the drop-down box provided.



This is the portion quantity that will be used for this batch item.  If this inventory item as been set up with a portion unit of "OZ", for example, then the quantity entered must reflect ounces.


Portion Unit

This field is automatically filled in by the PrISM system.  It simply displays the unit of portion measurement that has been defined in the Inventory Master for this respective inventory item.  This serves simply as a reference when inputting the Qty amount as detailed above.


Portion Price

This field is automatically filled in by the PrISM system.  It simply displays the price per portion unit as defined in the Inventory Master.



This field will be automatically calculated by the PrISM system.  Based on the portion quantity entered, the price, or cost, for this line item will be calculated by taking that same quantity entered and multiplying it by the Unit Price.  This gives you the total cost out of your pocket, per inventory item, for making this batch item.


Total Assembly Item Cost

This is a total of all calculated line item prices, therefore giving you the total cost for creating this batch inventory item.