Advanced Reporting Overview


The PrISM system can be configured to send reports and other information via email or even cellular phone text message.  It can also save reports as separate documents which can be printed or transferred to other computers.  These reports can be scheduled to send at specific times or on certain system events, such as End of Day.  Choose a section below for more information.


Note: In order for scheduled reports to be sent successfully, the Email tab of Location Maintenance must be configured properly.  Contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


All email addresses you wish to send reports to must be set up in the Contacts section.


To configure a custom report to be sent, see Setup Custom Reports.  These reports are also referred to as Simple Reports, and can be formatted as a text message to be sent to a cellular phone.


The Scheduled Reports section controls which report is sent to which email address at which time.  Any report you wish to save as its own file will be configured in this section as well.