Advanced Features

The PrISM system provides many advanced features and options.  This section is intended to provide an overview of some of these features.  To explore which option best fits your requirements, please contact Microworks Technical Support.


Enhanced Security

System security is paramount to the efficient operation of any business solution.  PrISM for Windows provides multiple security options from which to chose:

Makeline Bump Bar

An optional add-on component to the PrISM for Windows system is the Makeline bump bar.  Bump bars are built to withstand the demanding requirements of the kitchen environment.  Standard system keyboards or touchscreen monitors are replaced by these durable units, allowing faster manipulation of makeline items.


Delivery Promise Times

Based on specified delivery time frames, a pop-up window appears on the ordering screen that provides the order taker with an estimated delivery time of the order.  The order taker can then relay this approximation to the customer.


PrISM for Tablet PC

In addition to traditional fixed-position ordering terminals, Microworks offers wireless tablet PCs.  These are small enough to be easily carried by table servers.  This optional PrISM component allows servers to be out on the floor continuously serving your customers.  The need to hand write orders only to duplicate order entry at a fixed POS station afterward is eliminated through the use of this powerful technology.  Servers can quickly enter an order table side and send that information directly to the appropriate kitchen printer or makeline display with the tap of a stylus.



Microworks StoreNet is a powerful data synchronization module that provides a number of remote operation functions, including the reporting of multi-unit sales as well as inventory and menu management. Combined with the power of broadband Internet access, each store can upload their entire system database nightly to your corporate office, allowing for a detailed analysis of each location at your discretion.


StoreNet serves as a powerful tool that allows multi-unit operators to conveniently manage menu, inventory and recipe setup from a single centralized database. StoreNet creates the ability for a single menu to be shared by multiple locations even if the locations have different prices or do not carry all of the items in the master menu. A single Inventory master file can also be created and maintained allowing recipe cost setup to be shared by units with different vendors.


StoreNet’s comprehensive reporting tools allow the corporate office server to print any of the complete selection of reports available at each store location. Multi-unit sales reports are also available with spreadsheet style rows for each location with corporate or regional totals.


For more information about managing StoreNet, click here.


Currency Conversion

Enhancing the flexibility of the PrISM system, an integrated currency conversion feature provides staff with ease of settling orders based on a specified currency, such as the Euro.  When settling an order through the touchscreen Ordering module, a CURRENCY button is available from the list of tender options which, when selected, adjusts the tender totals based on the conversion rate specified.