Multiple addresses may be associated with the customer record.  This allows you to separate delivery address from mailing addresses, which are used for marketing.  Also, multiple addresses allow the customer to place orders for delivery to any number of locations, i.e. work, while maintaining all ordering history information for their specific record.


To see information regarding the fields above the Phone, Address, and Additional Info tabs, click here.


Note: To edit an address, simply double-click on the respective entry.


Add Address

Choose this option to create a new address listing.


Delete Address

Choose this option to remove an address listing.



This is the building number for this location.



This is the street name for this location.


Cross Street

This field is used in conjunction with deliveries and routing an order.  It allows the selection of a nearby street to aid in delivery.


Unit No.

This is the unit number or apartment number for this location.



This is the city for this location.



This is the state for this location.


Zip Code

This is the zip code for this location.



This is the sector for this location.  Entering a value in this field will over ride the default sector which is used for this street address.


Area Type

There are three different area types:

Driving Instructions

Notes may be entered here which will print on the Driver Run slip.  Examples would be driving instructions, special delivery notes, etc.



This field is used in conjunction with the Delivery field.  If an address as Delivery as well as Primary, that address will be the primary address used when placing a delivery order.  You must have an address checked as Primary and Delivery.



You can check off multiple addresses as being deliverable.  While in the customer information screen when placing a delivery order, you may then change the delivery address if necessary.  That option will provide a list of address from this customer record that are flagged as Delivery addresses.



This field is used for marketing purposes.  Mailing labels are generated using the customer address that is flagged as Mailing.