Adding a new Money Received entry


To add a new Money Received (MR) entry from the Received tab of the Daily Paperwork, first click the Add button at the bottom of the window.  A new window will appear with the following fields:



All MRs must be associated with an account.  Choose the most suitable account from this drop-down list.  The contents of this list can be modified through System Accounts in the Updates pull-down menu of the Manager's Module.



This field displays the current PrISM system date.  This is for information only and cannot be changed.  To add a CPO to a different date, you must edit the Daily Paperwork Screen for that date from the Paperwork > Daily menu of the Manager's Module.



Enter the amount of cash received.


Inv. Item / Item Qty

These fields are not used with Money Received transactions and will always be grayed out.



This is simply a note that may be added, allowing you to easily recall what the MR was for at a later date.  This field is not required.