Adding a new Cash Paid Out entry


To add a new Cash Paid Out (CPO) entry from the Paid Out tab of the Daily Paperwork, first click the Add CPO button at the bottom of the window.  A new window will appear with the following fields:



All CPOs must be associated with an account.  Choose the most suitable account from this drop-down list.  The contents of this list can be modified through System Accounts in the Updates pull-down menu of the Manager's Module.



This field displays the current PrISM system date.  This is for information only and cannot be changed.  To add a CPO to a different date, you must edit the Daily Paperwork Screen for that date from the Paperwork > Daily menu of the Manager's Module.



Enter the amount of cash to be paid out.


Till No.

This is the till number the cash is deducted from.  If you are not taking the cash from a drawer or table server and are instead taking it from a safe or petty cash, leave the till number at 0.


Inv. Item

This is used to attach inventory items to a CPO.  For example, if you are creating a CPO to pay a day laborer to hand out fliers and you keep track of fliers through the inventory module, you could both pay the employee and deduct the fliers given to him from inventory in one step.  This is an advanced feature of the system, it is recommended that you contact Microworks Tech Support for more information.


Item Qty

This is the number of inventory items to be deducted with this CPO. (See Inv. Item above.)



This is simply a note that may be added, allowing you to easily recall what the CPO was for at a later date.  This field is not required.