Account Statement

This option within the Account Tracking menu allows you to generate account statements for customers.


Dates From / To

Choose the date range for which statements should be generated.


Statement Date

This is the date when the statement is generated.  This date appears on the customer's statement.


Account Type

You may choose to generate statements based on a specific account type.


Do not create statements with a zero balance

This option will stop accounts that owe no money from generating a statement, regardless of whether the account is selected or not.


Show Orders Trimmed From History

By default, the system validates the account history against the customer's order history.  If you have trimmed and archived your history data, the customer's old orders may no longer be present and this can lead to faulty balances.  Choosing this option allows the system to bypass the verification for trimmed orders, leading to the correct total.  This option should be used if your system has ever had its data trimmed.  For more information, contact Microworks Tech Support.


Check All

You may check of each individual account for which a statement is issued, or you may choose this option to check off all accounts.  Only accounts that are checked will generate statements.


Uncheck All

This removes all account selections.