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Microworks eNews - January 2014

Welcome and Happy New Year!

Powered by PrISM POSWelcome to the first edition of the Microworks PrISM POS eNewsletter. If you’re receiving this email you are the primary contact we have for your organization. If this email address is not the primary contact for your organization, or you have other members of your staff that you would like to subscribe,  please simply use the subscription tools at the bottom of this email to update our records. This subscriber list will also allow us to quickly communicate critical product information that may directly affect your PrISM POS locations, so thank you for access to your inbox and welcome aboard.


What do all of these payment acronyms have to do with single unit and multi-unit restaurant and pizzeria operators? If you accept Visa or Mastercard transactions as payment for your products, it turns out quite a lot. DSS is a Data Security Standard that has been created by the Payment Card Industry to protect cardholders (and payment processors) from card fraud. These are complex issues but they boil down to one thing as it relates to PrISM system users… how are you currently processing credit cards?

SecureWeb Transactions

Verifone Payware Connect Gateway

Microworks has been working very closely with Verifone to design a secure payment system that not only accepts swiped transactions at the store but also telephone orders as well as web-orders in a single batch. In addition we are currently developing a smart-phone App that will allow your drivers to be equipped with a secure card-reader to swipe at the door into your open store-side batch.

All of these PrISM secure payment options have one thing in common – they all rely on the Verifone payment gateway. If your stores are not currently running credit card transactions through our gateway module chances are you’re not fully PCI-DSS compliant. Please contact us at (800) 787-2068 for more information on how we can get your stores compliant and on a secure platform. We are committed to providing a solution that will future-proof all of your card processing requirements and the Verifone gateway is the best option we have found for our customers.

SecureWeb Transactions

Web-Orders have become an integral part of the take-out and delivery landscape, both mobile and desktop / full format web ordering. Securely processing web-orders has been a primary objective of our development team this past year and our latest release of weborder (v4) now supports state-of-the-art secure transaction processing. An equally important objective of our development team was to design a secure WebOrder solution that could be seamlessly integrated with the store-side POS and share a common batch, WebOrder v4 now fully supports both.

With SecureWeb your customers can now seamlessly, optionally and securely save their credit cards onto a Verifone hosted PCI-DSS compliant server. WebOrder accepts a  “Token” to use a card in the future, which allows for saved cards without the risks associated with storing cardholder data on our WebOrder servers.

The common foundation for both secure store-side and SecureWeb transactions is the Verifone Payware Connect payment gateway. Please contact us so that we can put you on a path to get your locations converted over to the payment gateway and securely processing all of your credit card transactions.

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The Secret Sauce

Email Marketing / Web Design

Restaurant MarketingIf your location accepts web-orders and you’re not marketing directly to your end-users you’re missing out on one of the most cost effective ways to grow your business. Microworks is now offering web design and email marketing services for our WebOrder customers. Let us show you how effective an email marketing campaign can be for your organization. Let us tie your primary website deign, email marketing and WebOrder together to present one consistent brand image to your customers.

Custom WebOrder Graphics

Weborder Graphics

Microworks WebOrder v4 has the ability to be customized to match your existing website or brand. Our in-house specialists can configure your interface with your franchise color scheme, menu graphics and overall style while getting you up and running quickly. Custom graphic banners can replace group header text and HTML areas on the page can be utilized as interactive advertising.

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