Download Prism Point of Sale for Windows

This Prism for Windows evaluation is not a stripped down version or a slideshow, it's an actual working copy of our full-featured product. We have included a sample database setup for Pizza Delivery, Casual Dining, and a Full-Service Bar. Once you have it installed, just click Create Order from the Manager's module and select the menu that best matches your organization.

If you have a broadband connection, please download the Full Evaluation Package from the selection list below. This includes all available Prism modules -  Touchscreen point of sale, Backroom Manager's Module, Employee Scheduling, Kitchen (makeline) Monitor as well as full Help and Tutorials.

If you would like the Full Evaluation Package but are on a limited internet connection or would like to request a free Evaluation CD, please contact us directly at:

 (800) 787-2068

we would be happy to send you one.

Click the icon of the evaluation of your choice and select "Save this program to disk". Once the download is complete, click Open to launch the installation routine, click Next, and Finish to complete. That's it!

Description: Full Evaluation Package

File Size: 36 MB

The PrISM POS for Windows evaluation will run in Windows 2000, XP, Vista
or Windows 7 and use your mouse to simulate a touchscreen. 

Not ready for a solo run?

We would be happy to give you a personal tour of PrISM for Windows; give us a call at (800) 787-2068 and ask to speak to a product specialist. Let us show you how easily Prism for Windows can deliver results for your organization.

Call us 800-787-2068

Multiple Devices image Prism Point of Sale POS


 Microworks Prism WebOrder™ is our complete end-to-end solution that allows your customers to create and pre-pay for their orders via their favorite web browser.

Microworks Point of Sale Computer System Ingredients image

The essential ingredient
to total efficiency

Backed by over three decades of customer-driven innovation, Microworks Prism POS offers an ideal computer system for pizza delivery, restaurant management, and franchise automation. Prism POS is the essential ingredient for POSitively total efficiency.


Microworks Point of Sale Computer System Delivery image

Delivery driver tracking and payment

With RapidRun you can pull the current run for an employee by employee number and pull up a specific order's details by order number. Get real-time GPS tracking information of exactly where your delivery drivers are on their route.



Tightly integrated online ordering

Imagine putting the power of a custom branded iPhone or Android mobile ordering app at your customer's fingertips. WebOrder mobile ordering combines your store-side menu setup and pricing rules with the functionality of our full browser-based user.


Microworks Point of Sale Computer systems Restaurant Operations Management image

Total restaurant operations management

Prism POS not only replaces your restaurant cash register, time clock, and bookkeeper, it also provides the platform to completely automate every aspect of your operation. Computerized ordering can dramatically reduce the time required to place an order.