Prism Product Overview
No matter what you're cooking up
Prism Product Overview
from fine dining
Prism Product Overview
to Burgers
Prism Product Overview
Prism is your Complete Restaurant Management System.

Advanced Touch-Screen Ordering

The advanced touch-screen ordering capabilities of Prism Point of Sale for Windows will have your staff taking orders quickly and accurately. The convenient on-screen Guest Check provides a simple way to view the progress of an order. Intuitive modifier and side lists prompt users to ensure that items are added correctly every time. Pricing inconsistencies and mistakes can virtually be eliminated along with the confusion of handwritten guest checks.

Designed to handle complex pricing, doubles pricing and unlimited modifier lists, Prism Point of Sale works the way you do - right out of the box. Our product specialists will work with you one-on-one to analyze and understand your unique menu and pricing requirements so that your system will arrive set up and ready to go.

Software for Restaurant Management

Prism for Windows is a complete Point of Sale solution that includes tools to manage every aspect of your operation. All sales data is stored in a centralized database that provides detailed reporting at your fingertips when and where you need it. Sales reporting can break down daily activity by service type, product code, driver, server, and till as well as by menu item or product mix.

Sales reports include Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and YTD Profit and Loss Statements, payroll, food cost, and labor cost analysis, to name a few. Prism takes on inventory and food costs by providing the cost of goods sold vs. food usage analysis as well as recipe cost analysis and item by item actual usage, ideal usage, and variances.

Employee Time-Clock and Scheduling

Sales and food cost analysis go hand-in-hand with labor cost controls and Prism for Windows provides you with the tools to tackle even the toughest scheduling requirements. Get your labor costs under control with our integrated scheduling module and virtually eliminate early employee clock-in and unapproved extended shifts. For the ultimate in time-clock and password security, economical finger-print readers can be easily added to one or all stations.

As each employee clocks-in, they have the option of creating or changing their availability and scheduling requests. Scheduling is simplified by offering available employees, hourly sales forecast indicators and shift maps all on one convenient screen. Forecasted hourly sales can be compared to scheduled labor costs and shifts easily added or removed, schedules can be rolled over from week to week and adjustments made quickly.

Customizable QuickBooks ® Integration

Microworks' Prism for Windows has been designed to integrate directly with QuickBooks Pro. Now sales, customer and vendor account activity may be automatically shared between your store locations and QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions. For an owner with multiple store locations or just a single facility, the QuickBooks bridge is a simple and convenient solution for the most popular accounting package used in the pizzeria and restaurant industry.

Save time and money by avoiding the hassle and inaccuracy of re-entering data. As an Intuit Premier Developer, Microworks provides a highly customizable way to bridge the divide between your store's Prism POS solution and your central office accounting system.

Graphical Sales Indicators, Forecasting, and Scheduling

Prism doesn't just collect your sales statistics - it provides you with the tools to analyze them. Our sales analysis and forecasting tools provide you with dozens of customizable forecast indicators. Volume Indicators include hourly sales by menu group or service type as well as labor statistics by job class. Sales forecasting works the way you do by allowing flexible time intervals and shifts. User-defined volume indicators allow the creation of labor forecasting methods based on any sales indicator.

Since 1989 Microworks Prism has offered an ideal Point of Sale solution for pizza delivery, restaurant management, and franchise food service. Complete with detailed sales reporting, inventory controls, food cost, and labor cost analysis, this Microsoft Windows-based system features simple intuitive touch-screen point of sale with full support for table-service, delivery, carry-out, catering, and now Web Orders.


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 Microworks POS Solutions Inc.'s Prism WebOrder™ is our complete end-to-end solution that allows your customers to create and pre-pay for their orders via their favorite web browser.

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The essential ingredient
to total efficiency

Backed by over three decades of customer-driven innovation, Microworks Prism POS offers an ideal computer system for pizza delivery, restaurant management, and franchise automation. Prism POS is the essential ingredient for POSitively total efficiency.


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Delivery driver tracking and payment

With RapidRun you can pull the current run for an employee by employee number and pull up a specific order's details by order number. Get real-time GPS tracking information of exactly where your delivery drivers are on their route.



Tightly integrated online ordering

Imagine putting the power of a custom branded iPhone or Android mobile ordering app at your customer's fingertips. WebOrder mobile ordering combines your store-side menu setup and pricing rules with the functionality of our full browser-based user.


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Total restaurant operations management

Prism POS not only replaces your restaurant cash register, time clock, and bookkeeper, it also provides the platform to completely automate every aspect of your operation. Computerized ordering can dramatically reduce the time required to place an order.