Fully Integrated Digital Surveillance

Powerful, Affordable, Network Video Recorder

Prism Integrated Digital Surveillance or Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the perfect marriage of Point of Sale and Digital Video Recorder technology. An integrated NVR eliminates antiquated VHS tape systems without the additional expense of a stand-alone network video recording system. The ability to leverage today's multi-core server technology as both POS network server and NVR server provides high-performance digital surveillance features at an affordable price. Cameras can be ceiling, wall or exterior mounted and have a preset zoom and focus that provides sharp, clear video clips.

Quick Access to Digital Video Clips

The Microworks PrISM Integrated NVR will not just store countless hours of video, it provides the tools necessary to catalog and index each video segment and links each directly back to the system event log. For example, if you want to see who cancelled a specific order at an exact date and time, you can filter the System Event Log for that date and time and simply click the video icon and you will be quickly presented with that video clip viewed with Windows Media or other system media player.