Microworks Storenet™

Multi-Unit Analysis, Direction and Control

Powered by Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) this Windows Server based technology will not only report multi-unit sales, but gives you the tools needed to analyze, modify and synchronize data at multiple locations. This web-centric design allows each store location to connect directly to a hosted server, making long distance phone charges a thing of the past. With the power of broadband each store can also upload it's entire database nightly providing critical off-site backups as well as the engine for a detailed analysis of each location.

Seamless Integration with your Store-Side POS System

Microworks Storenet Satellite for Windows is a powerful tool that allows multi-unit operators to conveniently analyze sales statistics and centrally manage store-side data from anywhere with an Internet connection. Storenet Satellite creates the ability for a single "Master" menu and inventory to be shared by multiple locations and provides the tools to sort out differences in price, costs and selection. Storenet Satellite also provides easily accessible activity logs to track each stores history of data uploads and synchronization functions.